Women in the Sandwich Generation Need to Start Taking Better Care of Themselves

In last week’s election, did you notice all the references to the Pink Stampede? There were several firsts for women – Nikki Haley (South Carolina) Susana Martinez (New Mexico) and Mary Fallin (Oklahoma) were all elected in states that never had a female governor before.

Despite these historic events, women continue to lag behind in issues related to taking care of themselves. They seem to have other priorities that can’t wait. According to AARP research, 44 million members of the Sandwich Generation, most of them women, are caregivers for aging family members.

If you’re looking for support and resources as you try to balance your family and work life with caregiving responsibilities, click here for AARP.org/caregiving. Through the eldercare locator, there’s information about particular information in your local area on such topics as housing options, financial assistance, transportation or legal help.

It seems that women are far less informed about their own longterm planning than caregiving others, and this includes what it will take for them to live in retirement. This week on the blog we want to get you thinking about you, for a change! Learn more about your medical history to reduce risks in the future. If you eat well, exercise, get a good night’s sleep, have a positive attitude and a good support system, you’ll be on the road to better self care.

However, there’s more to it. Want access to information and tools? AARP has developed a program to help you stay engaged and connected called ‘Decide, Create, Share.’ Its purpose is to empower women to be in control and live the best life possible. And if you’re interested in taking a quiz that will increase your awareness about health, finances, legal issues or home and community, click here.

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