Sandwich Generation: Caring for a Family in Flux

It’s never been easy for members of the sandwich generation, faced with the challenges of caring for aging parents and growing kids. And in today’s world, family pressures are often compounded by job loss, economic concerns or workplace stress.
If you’re trying to get a handle on these issues, here are some resources:

Tomorrow at Noon EDT (9am PDT) listen to Blog Talk Radio – scroll down to Upcoming Episode, “Nourishing your Family Relationships without Starving Yourself” to read more about it. As guests of Dr. Sandra Haymon, we’ll be answering questions and providing tips for caregivers.

And log on here anytime this Wednesday, October 27, for our Virtual Book Tour with parent educator, Dr. Ilene Val-Essen. She’ll be talking about her recently published book, Bring Out the BEST in Your Child and Your Self. Be sure to click on “Comments” at the end of that post to ask Ilene your parenting questions. In the meantime, you can go to her website BringOutTheBest to learn more about her book and classes.

Here’s a quick tip about quality time with family: If you’re overworked, overscheduled and frantic for time to enjoy family, why not start a weekly tradition? Schedule time together a couple of hours on the weekend. Take turns planning dinner out, a walk in the park or movie night. You’ll see how this helps everyone feel more cared for and you’ll feel less guilty about how busy you are all week.

Want to read about how kids can cope better with inevitable stress? And for nurturing yourself, our article, How to Nourish the Sandwich that is You, may be just what you need.

And while you’re on our website, Her Mentor Center, browse around the home page menu – in the Newsletter Library, Family Relationships and Video Library, there’s lots of material with practical tips for you and your family. And you’ll also find information about our free newsletter, Stepping Stones, and ebooks, Courage and Lessons Learned: Reaching Your Goals and Taking Control of Stress in a Financial Storm: Practical Strategies and Resources for Success.

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