Aging vs. Growing Old: It’s Complicated

When growing children are acting out, some may say, “Act your age.” But it’s more complicated when Sandwiched Boomers are trying to figure out exactly what that means for them.

Boston Legal actress Betty White comes makes her strolls around Los Angeles, California on March 9, 2010. White, always the animal lover, stops to pet a dog. White recently confirmed that she will be hosting Saturday Night Live after the success of fan led facebook campaign. Fame Pictures, Inc

Is age set by the calendar? By your experiences? By how you look? By how you feel physically? By how others define you? By how you think about things? By your vision for the future?

All this week, we’ve been talking about how to stay young as we age healthfully, but is that too simplistic? Let’s look today at some of the complexities involved in setting and reaching that goal.

Don’t go overboard in holding on to a past definition of yourself.
The new NBC website, Life Goes Strong, focusing on boomers, has an interesting take on how other family members may react when they see you grabbing on to your past image and refusing to let go. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to feelings of embarrassment when you try too hard to look and act like them.

Seek help when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
We were recently interviewed by the Healthy Place website about how to deal with stress and trauma in your life. You’ll find a discussion in the video there about both the symptoms of stress and some of our tips tips about coping with it. And you’ll find additional suggestions in articles on our website about how to better nourish yourself.

Include others in setting goals for your future. This may mean those close to you or reaching out to a wider community. A well-know religious leader stays youthful by involving himself with family, friends and the world at large. Betty White, with her lifelong concern for animals and her work advocating for them, has continued to dedicate herself to animal welfare. Draw on your connections to stay involved as you continue your life.

For more tips for aging gracefully, visit our website Her Mentor Center and scroll through some of our articles. And don’t forget the sunscreen when you are out enjoying the summer!

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