Aging vs. Growing Old: It Doesn’t Depend on the Calendar

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Betty White is in the news again.

Actress Betty White appears backstage with her Lifetime Achievement Award at the 16th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles on January 23, 2010. UPI/Jim Ruymen

It seems she is following the advice for staying young we gave you earlier this week: cultivate humor in your daily life; hang out with your peers; find the time to interact with younger friends too.

This time, she has jumped into the fray of those making predictions about the future of NBA basketball star LeBron James.

White has joined with her adopted city of Cleveland, hoping to entice LeBron to stay with the Cavaliers for another season. As she teases him in this clip with her Hot in Cleveland costars, she can make it worth his while to stay! At 88 (and ½ as Betty proudly declares), White is the poster child for reminding us to throw away the calendar when we are talking about age.

So here are some more tips for today about aging without growing old:

Work with what you’ve got to stay in shape. Start slowly, perhaps walking with a friend or exercising on your own. When you’re ready, look for a fitness center that has classes for all levels of physical ability – ranging from salsa hi-impact aerobics through belly dancing, stretch classes, and water aerobics to chair classes and tai chi for balance. That way you’ll be able to challenge you body no matter where you’re starting – and have fun in the process. And incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine will help you feel younger.

Set goals for yourself and do something meaningful. Research shows that people who are sociable, generous, and goal-oriented are generally happier and healthier than other people. Think about what kinds of activities bring you the most satisfaction and plan how you can get more involved and spend more time doing them. You may want to look for places to volunteer in your community through Senior Corps or America’s Natural and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal. Or contact your local school or community center to for opportunities to mentor or tutor children. Sharing your wisdom with others will bring a spring into your step and joy into your life.

Although studies have found that there may be a gene for long life, you don’t have to worry about the calendar, even if you’re a Sandwiched Boomer. Instead, enjoy your age whatever it is and follow this week’s tips to feel as young as you can.

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