Dara Torres and Susan Boyle: How to Reach Your Goals

Continuing our conversation about having the courage to reach for your goals, here are two very different women who exemplify that and can serve as role models:

AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 05:  Dara Torres swims in the Women's 50 yard Freestyle preliminaries during day one of the 2009 USA Swimming Austin Grand Prix on March 5, 2009 at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

What about champion swimmer Dara Torres who, in her early 40s, won a medal at the Bejing Olympics? Don’t remain a spectator – jump into the game of life and become a winner yourself. Why question whether you’re too old to reach your goals or to balance family and career. It’s never too late to challenge yourself. With maturity, drive and focus, you can achieve your dreams. Excellence comes with hard work and practice. Learning about the training schedules of athletes reminds us that accomplishments don’t come easy. Repetition is the handmaiden of success. Set long-term goals as well as realistic and incremental steps to reach them. Give yourself credit when you achieve an objective and move ever closer toward your ultimate goal. Strive for your personal best – and remember the most important competitor you have is actually you.

British singer Susan Boyle, in some ways, is everywoman. Her first appearance onstage, with the initial negative reaction from the audience and judges, taps into insecurities we all have. Who hasn’t felt frumpy or unattractive, unsure of ourselves or at a loss for words? Susan lived a simple life, caring for her elderly mother, singing in the church choir and practicing her music. When you see the instant rejection, it makes you wonder if our society is focused on the wrong things. Let your creativity run wild so that you see yourself from a different perspective. The first step is just to begin the process. Then your positive experiences will soon provide the incentive to continue. There may be some stumbling blocks along the way, but never give up.

COLOGNE, GERMANY - DECEMBER 12:  Susan Boyle performs during the 3rd semi final of the TV show 'Das Supertalent' on December 12, 2009 in Cologne, Germany.  (Photo by Stefan Menne/Getty Images)

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