After Separation: Taking Care of Yourself

After separation, all the major responsibilities that fall squarely on your shoulders can leave you feeling exhausted and stressed. Remember to take time to pamper yourself in whatever ways are most pleasurable. That may mean spending more time with friends, taking a mental health day from work or reducing the stress through meditation, yoga classes or exercise.

Mother and daughter walking on beach

Reaching out to others who are alone will put your situation more into perspective. Bake brownies with the kids and take them to the neighborhood fire station or invite an aging relative or a single co-worker over for dinner. Take gently used toys to a local children’s hospital or volunteer at a convalescent home. Give it some thought – the possibilities are endless.

Of course, giving up the security of your marriage and old habits may leave you feeling unmoored. But you may have no choice at this point. Focus on what is still at the center of your life – your family, friends who are there for you, your work, activities that bring you joy. Recognize that there is no one right way to feel and act now. You have the freedom to generate a whole new you. Seize that opportunity and make good use of it.

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