Mother’s Day: A Difficult Mom and How to Care for You

This Mother’s Day, why not take care of you? And instead of trying to please a mom for whom it’s never enough, pull yourself up to where you belong. Get some help by signing the email list to the left of this post – then download our complimentary ebook and get started!
Womans hands holding on to ropeFeel empowered as you practice greater self love. Make a list of all that you have achieved without the support of parental encouragement and assistance. Realize that these assets belong to you alone. If you’ve spent a lifetime trying to make your mom show love or consumed with rage about not getting it, perhaps it’s hard to see yourself as the valuable person you really are. In time you will come to know that you are not defined by your mom, but by what you envision yourself to be.

Focus on the positives of the life you’ve created. When you were young, your mom’s actions or attitude may have made you feel worthless or invisible. Did you fantasize about getting out from under her control and moving far away? Now that you are married with a family of your own and a successful life, you’re no longer that helpless little girl. Admire and respect your grown up qualities, like a sense of responsibility, the ability to laugh at yourself, feelings of independence, common sense and good judgment.

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