The Sandwich Generation and the Health Care Law

Amid accusations of death panels for the elderly and health coverage for illegal immigrants, and after a 13 month battle, history was made last week. The sugar that makes the medicine go down may be the measure of social justice achieved with the expanding access to health care.

Close up of medicine being poured into a spoon

But the fight is far from over. There will likely be huge increases in personal taxes as well as the national debt. Despite passage, close to 50% of the people are opposed to this expansion of government into the health care system. And there is talk of efforts to repeal the law.

As members of the sandwich generation, how will this effect you and your family? Although your children can remain on your health care plan until their mid-20s, changes in Medicare reimbursement to physicians may impact your parents as their health declines and more physicians decide to not participate in the program.

The tone of the debate and the incidents of violence are troubling. Imagine our elected officials calling each other names, and some in opposition leaving nasty phone messages. Why can’t they be civil and debate the merits without these ridiculous distractions? They have to work through the issues and move forward eventually. And the battle of public sentiment still has to be won.

Whether or not you’re dealing with angst or anger over health care reform, you may be in the midst of a conflict that separates you from friends, family members or co-workers. Log on Wednesday and Friday for some tips that can help you, and perhaps some of the politicians, work out their problems.

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