Women’s History Month: Writing Women Back into History

To celebrate Women’s History Month, do you want a quick history of the roles of women in shaping America in the last century?

In the early 20th century, women’s suffrage became a hot political issue and strong women worked hard to achieve the vote. But by the 1950’s, when Betty Freidan identified “the problem that has no name,” many women had relinquished their power outside the home. The women’s movement, beginning in the 1960’s moved women to the forefront and revived their place as movers and shakers in society. And during the 1970’s, with the focus on “her-story” as well as history, many universities began Women’s Studies departments.

Politicians on all sides have embraced the proclamation honoring the role of women in America.

President Bush Honors Women's History Month

Michelle Obama Visits DC-Area School As Part Of Women's History Month

Yet there is still more to be done to fulfill the theme of Writing Women Back into History.

Women have excelled and been influential in all areas of society – the arts, politics, the professions, sports, you name it. Now is the time to acknowledge those contributions and give women the recognition we deserve. And lets remember to take those words to heart ourselves and take credit for each of our own accomplishments.

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