Sandwich Generation: Support after Loss

After the loss of a loved one, feeling the support of family and friends can make a big difference in how you grieve. With others to help you with some of the responsibilities, you are more free to mourn and make decisions about what to do next.

Face your uncertainty with the best attitude you can muster. Despite the unthinkable, Joannie Rochette still maintained a single-minded focus in the Olympic skating competition. And now she will be able to grieve her loss. You cannot change what has happened but you can have some control over the way you handle it. Of course, you may be feeling angry, sad or afraid of what is to come. Be aware that your reactions are normal and common. And try to face them directly as you work through your feelings.

Olympic Winter Games - Ladies Free Skating

Make a public commitment to those who want to see you do well. Joannie’s exquisite performances, and the standing ovations, said it all. You can tell others about your intentions and create a strong reality that will motivate you. The initial goal is to uncover the courage to begin. Re-establish routine in your life, both at work and with family. Set new long range goals and short term objectives. Enlist your staying power. Your positive experiences will give you the incentive to continue. Although there may be stumbling blocks along the way, never give up.

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