Caring for Your Aging Parents

Anytime tomorrow, Thursday, September 17th, please join us here for a Virtual Book Tour with Barbara E. Friesner, founder of AgeWiseLiving™. Barbara, a Generational Coach, is an expert on issues affecting the elderly and their families. You’ll find Barbara answering questions about her book, The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success Guide.

Her resource for eldercare providers is filled with over 200 pages of step-by-step solutions to your pressing questions. For more than 25 years, Barbara has been a care manager, first for her grandmother and then 17 years for her mother, who had severe dementia. She learned first-hand how emotional and overwhelming eldercare can be. As a result, Friesner started AgeWiseLiving™ and provides one-on-one Generational Coaching to help family members resolve their eldercare issues by choice, not crisis.

Get a headstart by going to and read some of our article on aging parents. Clicking on the title of this post will land you on an article about The Tarnished Golden Years.

We are delighted that Barbara will be visiting our blog and invite you to drop by. Read the interview, then click on “Comments” at the end of the post. Follow the prompts that come up, you can even sign in as ‘Anonymous.’ Share your own experience with other readers or ask Barbara a questions and learn from the wisdom of her answers.

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