Michael Jackson: Who’s Your Daddy?

It’s clear that Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s two older children but there’s ongoing speculation about who’s the father. Michael Lester, their godfather, told Matt Lauer on the Today Show that he donated sperm in 1996. Are the children hearing about this in the media and how may it affect them? You’d think their godfather would be less self serving and more concerned about their best interests.

If you’re Sandwiched Boomers caught either in the middle of a soap opera, a complex crisis or a painful tragedy, here are some ideas to consider as you begin to take better care of your grandchildren and yourself:

Accept the changes in the family, whatever they are, even if you feel caught in the crossfire. Validate the children’s feelings and withhold blame regarding their parents. While you show support, try not to take a particular side or excuse bad behavior. Remember that your primary concern here is to attend to the immediate needs of the children.

Do what you can to maintain structure and continuity. By stabilizing the children’s environment with a familiar routine, they’ll begin to feel less anxious and more secure. Children are resilient – as you model positive and hopeful thinking, they are bound to thrive.

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