Senator Kennedy and Vicki: the Value of Support

Politicians, friends and family all knew that his wife, Vicki Reggie, helped Senator Kennedy turn his life around. And he was lucky to have found her. It seems that Vickie was the anchor he didn’t have for most of his life and finally, at age 60, Kennedy was willing to change.

Funeral for Senator Edward Kennedy in Boston

Recognize how you deal with tension. Avoid unhealthy activities like smoking, drinking, gambling or emotional eating. Pressure and stress can bring about more conflict and arguments in relationships. If any of these behaviors are causing problems for you, find healthier approaches to deal with your negative feelings.

History is prologue. As you look back in review, consider how you have dealt with other major challenges in your life. Think about what has worked for you in the past. Take the specific strategies that you learned from those experiences and, once again, apply the most effective ones.

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