Teamwork and Resiliency Pay Off

We are learning more details about how Captain Phillips was rescued from the pirates who were holding him hostage and threatening to kill him. Here are some of the strategies they used to save him. Can you, Sandwiched Boomer or not, use them in your own life as well?

Think outside the box. Capt. Phillips seemed to be going along with the pirates’ commands but he stayed alert and constantly thought about what he could do, first, to save his crew and cargo and then himself. He paid attention to his captors’ behavior and tried to escape, surprising them by jumping out into the ocean. When that attempt failed, he continued to be attentive to rescue efforts so that he could play his part. You too can be creative when you are faced with a seemingly impossible situation. Often you can improvise when a solution doesn’t readily appear. Use your strength and develop resiliency. Your plan may not work at first but keep working on new plans to implement.

Recognize and use all your resources. The rescue of Capt. Phillips required the coordinated efforts of the U.S. Navy command, their ships and personnel, the Seals, merchant ships, the FBI, even President Obama. While you may not have these resources at your fingertips, you do have friends, extended family and community services to help you through the challenges you face. Learn to cooperate with others and use teamwork as you strategize and act to accomplish your goals.

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