Practice and Train for Success

The crew of the Maersk Alabama is preparing to head home, with Captain Phillips soon to join them. Americans are cheering their actions and those of the Navy Seals who rescued Capt. Phillips. So how can you incorporate their heroic behaviors into your life?

Respect your job and take it seriously. Capt. Phillips is an alumnus of the Merchant Marine Academy where, undoubtedly, he was trained about what to do in numerous emergency situations. He had a plan to protect his ship and crew and immediately instituted it when the pirates attacked. Train hard for your job and give it the significance it deserves. If you are a Sandwiched Boomer, your work at home is just as important as your career. Pay attention to what is going on in your family and have contingency plans for how to keep members safe.

Don’t give up, even when all seems hopeless. Captain Phillips was in a frightening situation when the pirates attacked. Yet he didn’t surrender his ship and crew, rather he put his own life at stake. Hot and alone with his captors on the lifeboat for five days, Capt. Phillips didn’t admit defeat, instead, when he could, he jumped out of the boat and attempted to swim to safety. When tremendous difficulties hit you, hang in there. Draw upon your personal character strengths – like persistence, hope, leadership, integrity, creativity, bravery, spirituality – to carry you through the ordeal.

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