What will Tomorrow Bring for the Suleman Family?

The risk of a pregnancy like Nadya Suleman’s is not only to the mother but also for the babies. There are potential physical problems that will need to be carefully monitored over the coming years. There may be psychological issues to deal with as well. Even though Suleman loves being a mom, there are 14 children and only one of her. She can’t do it alone. It’s not possible for her to take care of the emotional needs of that many growing children. The potential developmental delays and learning disabilities will require adjunctive therapies. And the long term costs will be significant. Meanwhile, the hospital bill alone will run well over two million dollars.

Nadya Suleman’s second publicist quit this week, under growing concerns about her mental stability. While some people are empathic and relate to the challenges ahead of Nadya, others are alarmed at her attitude or worried about the children.

As Sandwiched Boomers, do these circumstances resonate for you in any way? Notice if you are in denial about your emotional state of mind. What are you doing that may not be in your best interests? And why? For example, if you’re thinking about acting on an impulse, it could be a short term solution to help lift your spirits. And this could leave you with other longstanding problems for yourself and your family.

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