Resolve to Take Care of Yourself

As the economic turmoil continues around you, one stable element is your need to take care of yourself. It is up to you to set aside the time you need to reduce your stress. As a Sandwiched Boomer, impacted by the needs of aging parents as well as growing children, do you feel especially vulnerable to the strains and pressures of your family? Here are some suggestions for you.

Alleviate stress by the consistent practice of yoga or meditation. The first few times you try yoga, your body may be resistant and the postures may feel uncomfortable. Meditation can also be difficult at the beginning – having to sit still and to quiet your mind. However, if you decide to study yoga or meditation, and practice it regularly with the assistance of an experienced and compassionate instructor, you can produce results that go far beyond merely alleviating stress.

Maintain a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and moderate in fat. Research has shown that keeping track of what you eat, and why, is one of the most powerful tools in a weight change program. If you are significantly overweight, you have a greater risk of developing many diseases including high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer. Reaching and maintaining a healthier weight, or even losing a few pounds or preventing further weight gain, has considerable health benefits.

To get you started, click on the title above. It will lead you to our website and article, New Year’s Resolutions for Sandwiched Boomers.

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