What Captain Sully can Teach Sandwiched Boomers

As sandwiched boomers, the challenges you face and crises you endure may not be as dramatic as Captain Sullenberger’s, who landed a plane in the Hudson River. But there are lessons we all can learn from the passengers and crew who stayed calm and pulled together on that Airbus A320 flight.

Sully described it as ‘the worst sickening pit of the stomach falling through the floor feeling.’ Yet his voice had no hint of panic when he told the air traffic controller he didn’t have time to land at the airport. Log on the rest of the week for tips on how to keep your cool under pressure:

Be as prepared as possible ahead of time. Sullenberger was ready – he’s a former air force fighter pilot, an expert in safety reliability methods and has 40 years of flying experience. Although you may not need training for an emergency landing, you can be equipped for what lies ahead. If you’re making an important presentation at work, setting guidelines for your kidult who can’t find a job and is moving back home or talking to your dad about giving up the car keys, learn as much as you can about the issues. Research the subject, write out talking points, get feedback from those whose opinions you value.

Realize that support is a valuable tool. Reaching out to others when you need encouragement helps you make it through what seems like an impossible situation. In an emergency, hold out your hand to a stranger. Confide in friends and family as you work through difficult circumstances. Getting a second and objective opinion from a family therapist or life coach will provide you with insight and direction. Join an ongoing group or attend a weekend retreat to share concerns and gain new perspective. Or find a workshop through your local university extension or mental health center. Spending time with others will validate your emotions and make you feel better.

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