Sandwiched Boomers: Making Marriage Work

In an economic downturn there’s always the possibility of job loss. Has it happened to you or your partner? Your relationship can be impacted when you’re not in sync about work. And issues about control are often raised. Who decides how the more limited resources are spent? Who is in charge of household responsibilities, like managing the checkbook, grocery shopping, cooking meals?

Stress itself can have a ripple effect and those close to you often bear the brunt. If you find yourselves arguing more, click on the title above to read an article on about fighting fair. With the financial pressure, spending more time at home together can be a double edged sword.

More concentrated time together has many benefits. Even though it may cause long term problems to surface, you can use this opportunity to finally deal with them. Marital issues are difficult to face head-on, but the rewards can be more honesty, a renewed sense of trust and greater intimacy. This may be the time to go on that couples’ retreat or marriage enrichment weekend you’ve heard so much about.

There is real value in working on your marriage, especially in troubled times. Spend more time trying to understand what your partner is going through – you’ll be glad you did.

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