As members of the Sandwich Generation, are you ready to be there for your family and take care of yourself this Thanksgiving day?

If you get annoyed, go for the high ground and walk away. There’s a greater possibility of conflict with a family member who is unreasonable. Despite how hard it is, don’t take the bait

With a relationship that matters, bury the hatchet. If in the past you have gone underground and then blown up later, don’t let these feelings fester. Acknowledge the part you play and deal with it now.

Forgiveness is a gift. Whether family members are with you in person or in your memories, practice the power of letting go of childhood pain.

Let others know what they mean to you. Talk to your partner, children and parents about how good it is to have them in your life. Focus on the positives and share what you love about them.

We have great memories of the time we’ve spent with you the past few years. And we’re grateful to have you as a part of our blogging community. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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