Even as a Sandwiched Boomer, the last lesson you can take from Beijing thrusts you back into the world around you.

Explore other cultures. With its symbol of five interlinking rings, the Olympics celebrate the unity of the games while honoring individual nationalities. Athletes pay tribute to each other by trading pins with those from other countries. China has a population of one and a third billion and is composed of over 50 distinct ethnic groups – all represented in the show of diversity and solidarity at the opening and closing ceremonies.

Learn more about people who are different from you. This doesn’t necessarily mean travel to exotic places – it could just be a bus ride to another part of town. You will be enriched by your openness to those who do not share your history and experiences.

As you think back over the spectacle of the Beijing Olympics, don’t be seduced into remaining a spectator. Use these seven tips and jump into the game of life to become a winner yourself.

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