Whatever you are doing as a Sandwiched Boomer, remember that you are not doing it alone. You have people who care about you and are on your team. Let them into your life and enjoy the company.

Relish the support that comes from those who care about you. Individual athletes depend on an entourage of people assisting them – coaches, trainers, family, friends, sponsors and teammates. As you work toward your own goals, the cheering section may be more limited – family, friends, teachers, support groups. But, whatever the size, accept the encouragement. Function as a team and be available to help sustain others when they need it. Athletes talk about the Olympic village and see themselves as part of that community. Who makes up your community?

Enjoy your successes. Did you observe the Olympic athletes when they stood on the winners’ platforms with their medals, listening to their national anthems? Their pride and emotionality were palpable. Reward yourself when you reach a significant target and savor the feelings of power that come from your achievement. You deserve a pat on the back – even if you have to give it to yourself.

Check back tomorrow for a final take-home message to incorporate from the Olympics.

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