Supporters and critics alike agreed that Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Republican convention was a big WOW. She introduced herself to the American people, embodying the contribution women make to their families and communities. She was poised and comfortable – a natural – as she stepped into the spotlight of history, a woman showing her toughness, yet with a smile.

Reaching out to women in the electorate, Palin said of her place on the Republican ticket, it proved that, “Every woman can walk through every door of opportunity.” But, just as a double standard is often applied to women, not everyone agrees that she is the right choice. Is the argument that Sarah Palin, mother of five, shouldn’t try to take on the enormous responsibilities of the Vice-Presidency anti-feminist? The positions of liberals and conservatives on women’s rights and opportunities seem to have flipped as far as this issue is concerned. Some of the most liberal of feminists contend that Sarah Palin should not be on the ticket whereas conservatives state that she can balance her family responsibilities along with one of the most important jobs in the federal executive branch. What are your thoughts?

In her speech, Palin praised small-town America and appealed to the core, saying “Small town people love their country in good times and bad.” She positioned herself as everywoman, while acknowledging, “Our family has the same ups and downs as others.” Proving that she’s willing to get into the trenches and join the fight, Palin took a dig at the Democrats while supporting her candidate for President, saying “Some politicians use change to promote their careers and others, like John McCain, use their careers to promote change.”

This election process continues to be exciting and history-making. Get involved and enjoy the ride!

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