As you begin to think about taking your vacation close to home this year, here are some tips to help you:

As a Sandwiched Boomer, make planning for your staycation a part of the process of reconnection that usually comes about on vacation. Set aside time to have a family meeting and encourage everyone to talk about what activities they want to include. This preparation will give you all a better understanding and appreciation of each other. And you can reduce the tension and arguments that might ensue later about what you were going to do together.

When your staycation begins, take a complete break from all work. Don’t check your job-related emails or call in for updates about projects. This is your free time so resist home-related chores as well. Leave the beds unmade or arrange for someone to come in and clean so that you won’t be temped to work around the house. Do set aside time for any home activities you enjoy for relaxation – gardening or scrap booking, for example.

As you get some relief from your daily responsibilities of caring for growing children and aging parents, log in tomorrow to get some more tips for easing into your summer staycation.

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