We got an email from a subscriber who said that the information here and in our newsletters has been most useful since she has taken on the responsibilities of caring for her Mother.

A recent article in the New York Times discussed an unusually large increase in suicides among middle aged Americans – for women aged 45 to 54, the rate increased 31% over the past several years. Speculation about the causes include financial worries, depression and abuse of prescription drugs. Another possible reason is the growing pressures of modern life, as parents live longer and Sandwiched Boomers have to juggle work and family with limited social support.

Which got me thinking about the proliferation of websites for Boomer Women lately. As you begin to deal more with retirement, financial and family responsibilities, the Internet is stepping up to meet your needs. Just this month, www.VibrantNation.com and www.wowowow.com went live. Let us know about your favorites and we’ll share them with others.

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