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Synopsis of Virtual Book Tour: Going Gray

Yesterday we introduced you to the subject of Virtual Book Tours and the more recent books we’ve reviewed. Now here’s a list of the other books we’ve featured so far: September 20,’07 – “Mothering Mother” February 21,’08 – “Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)” March 13,’08 – “The Frugal Book Promoter” April 11,’08 – “Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children” April 17,’08 – “Lovers’ Hollow” May 8,’08 – “Going Gray” Why don’t you scroll back to May 8, 2008 and read about our interview with Anne Kreamer. And here’s … Continue reading

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Learn About Virtual Book Tours

We’ve been keeping our Virtual Book Tours a secret for too long. Over the past year and a half, here at NourishingRelationships.blogspot.com, we’ve featured more than 15 authors and their recently published books. You may be wondering why this sort of event has come to be known as a Virtual Book Tour. Because it’s like the old book signings, but you don’t have to take off your bunny slippers. Do you see “Archives,” to the left of this post? Scroll down to the month you want and click, and then … Continue reading

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