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Sleep-away Camp: Prepares You for the Empty Nest

The longer your kids are at sleep-away camp – and with more time for yourself – are you developing a different perspective? Not having to orchestrate their daily activities or worry about their self esteem, you may be realizing that your protective instincts keep you on edge. Time apart can help you re-evaluate your role as mother. And when the kids come home, you may be ready to start back on a different footing – perhaps expect them to be more responsible and do their chores without being told. After … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Nation: Weeklong Reporting

On the Today Show, Maria Shriver said that the impetus for the Woman’s Nation report came from the 2008 California Women’s Conference, attended by over 25,000 women. For years participants have been discussing how difficult it is to balance work and home life and how these problems have not been reflected in the media. Yesterday one of our readers commented: “….women have been struggling with these issues for years and years.” But now this dilemma could have legs as it’s no longer just a woman’s issue but an American economic … Continue reading

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