Celebrating the Holidays Without a Partner

Now that Thanksgiving is over, many have ‘officially’ moved into the holiday season. Are you alone and wondering how you’ll be celebrating this year? Whether you’re divorced or widowed, a single parent or the spouse of a deployed serviceperson, it may have seemed easier when you had a partner to share in the planning. Now that you’ll be the one creating the holiday mood, you’re likely to feel extra pressures, especially if you have children who are depending on you.

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You can take advantage of the freedom you have to develop customs that are just right for you and your family. Here are some tips to give you a head start, even before December begins:

Recognize that it won’t be easy. You may be feeling vulnerable and out of sorts after everything that has happened. Accept your complex emotions and acknowledge that it may difficult for you to enjoy the holidays as much as before. You can relieve some of your inner stress when you don’t expect too much of yourself.

Take the process one step at a time. Holidays are stressful and this year won’t be any different so try not to get overwhelmed. Do what you can without putting extra pressure on yourself. Set aside some time to relax and enjoy what the season means to you.

Look for support. Friends can throw you a lifeline as you adjust to your new status. And your extended family will help fill in the gaps created by your missing partner. If you have children, the more adults providing loving support, the easier it will be for them.

Check back on Wednesday for more tips to help you manage on your own. And in the meantime, take advantage of our holiday gift to you – download our ebook, free of charge, Taking Control of Stress in a Financial Storm: Practical Strategies and Resources for Success. You’ll find more tips for negotiating the tough economic climate, today and throughout the holiday season.

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