Kate and William: Making Marriage Work

There’s so much media buzz about the upcoming wedding of William and Kate. One focus seems to be on whether Kate can handle the job – hers is sort of a rags to riches story. The question is, will she just try to please or come into her own and be a role model for young women everywhere? Scroll back to our Monday blog for ideas about how the young royals can make marriage work – and then here are some more practical tips for them and you:

Keep the fun alive. Lightheartedness is often one of the first casualties of a busy and hectic life. Inject humor and laughter by joking around. It can turn into an affectionate moment which helps you feel closer, loved and even more relaxed. Making time to be playful with each other can often lead to greater intimacy.

Be sensitive to your new role as an in-law. Competition may surface if your partner’s parents experience you as usurping their relationship with their adult child. Be yourself as you slowly establish the ground rules in your marriage. And include your in-laws from time to time – it can make a big difference.

Bring out the best in each other.
Instead of focusing on the negatives, talk about what you want from each other. Then actually change some of your attitudes and behavior. When you are thinking something nice, say it out loud to your partner. Invest in your partnership and grow your emotional bank account – the dividends will last a lifetime.

When Kate marries the heir to the throne, she’ll take on civic duties and get involved in some of the Queen’s 200 charities. Let’s hope the new marriage won’t take a back seat to all the responsibilities. But Kate and William are also interested in working together on projects that benefit the Commonwealth of Nations. Besides which, they’ve been together for 8 years and their relationship has stood the test of time. Kate is from an intact and loving family, had a normal early life and is down-to-earth. Despite the emotional trauma, William seems to be resilient and well balanced. Both have personal qualities that can only enhance a relationship that seems off to a good start.

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