Living the Life of Your Dreams

We’ve come across an new ebook that we want to tell you about. Written by Caryn FitzGerald, it features 30 ordinary people sharing their experiences living extraordinary lives. Living the Life of My Dreams: Essays & Interviews with 30 Ordinary People Living EXTRAordinary Lives can inspire you with some amazing stories of people who have gone from ordinary to extraordinary.

You’ll find plenty of practical ideas in Caryn’s book about how to create the life you want by tapping into your passions and talents. And the message about perseverance that runs throughout the book – take action with a first step and stay on the path – is an excellent reminder for all of us.

Featured are people such as:
Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo
Shelly Rachanow, Author of What Would You Do If You Ran The World
Sally Shields, Speaker, Radio Personality and Author of bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules
Pablo Solomon, International Artist
Shirley Cheng, Blind at 17, Author with over 25 book awards a decade later
Achayra Sri Khadi Madama, Yogi, MMA trainer with 4 black belts earned after age 50!

Caryn has arranged to offer you bonus gifts from her partners around the world, if you purchase her book today:
Courage and Lessons Learned: Reaching For Your Goals – our ebook with practical tips for creating your own success
The Self Improvement Guide
Journey to Shangri La – full CD
The Daughter-in-Law Rules ebook
and over 35 more bonuses available for one day only – March 9, 2011

To learn more about Caryn’s book and take advantage of this inspirational offer, purchase the e-book today and receive the links to download your bonus gifts.

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