A Woman’s Guide to Great Sex after 50

Vibrant Nation is an online community where women over 50share information about subjects that interest them through blog posts and conversations. Whether you’re concerned about yourself, your relationship or family, work or wellness, you’re bound to gain clarity.

The website has recently launched a health and beauty blog and a library with publications from experts. One of the experts is Dr Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology at the University of Washington. She has appeared on television programs like The Oprah Winfrey Show and lectures on topics such as sexuality, women’s issues and male/female communication. Dr. Schwartz has collaborated with Vibrant Nation and written an ebook, A Woman’s Guide to Great Sex After 50: Getting Your Mind, Body and Relationship Ready for Pleasure. Vibrant Nation provided us with this ebook and I want to tell you a little about it.

Right off the bat, Dr. Schwartz normalizes the decrease in libido that can occur with menopause and diminishing hormones. She explains the potential effects of infidelity and erectile dysfunction. And how changes in physical health and an increase in stress level can impact your sexual relationship.

Dr. Schwartz’s sense of humor and her use of other women’s stories make this sometimes touchy subject very accessible. She lets us know there’s a high degree of satisfaction among couples who remain sexually active and how important it is to “use it or lose it.”

The technical material on sexual frequency and satisfaction is concise and her recommendations are practical. For more regular orgasms, she suggests strengthening vaginal muscles, letting go of old scripts, listening to your body instead of the rules and talking openly with your partner about what you need. As women have fewer erotic fantasies, Dr. Schwartz advises masturbation as a means to greater desire and a more intense sex life. She recommends sex toys and different types of vibrators as well as the websites where you can order them, some of which have psychiatry and ob/gyn physicians available for consultation.

If you’re interested in purchasing Dr. Schwartz’s ebook from Vibrant Nation, you can find more information on this link to their site. And when you join Vibrant Nation, you can also receive their free report, Top 5 Treatments for Vaginal Dryness and Dyspareunia (Sexual Intercourse Pain). It’s full of helpful information about improving your sexual health and increasing your enjoyment of physical intimacy, even after menopause.

You can read these articles about relationships on our website, HerMentorCenter.com, if you’re interested in how remaining faithful or re-examining your relationship can impact your sexual wellbeing. Here’s an AARP survey about sex in the 50s. And for more insight about sexual health, read myths about sex after 50 and secrets to great sex after 50.

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