Michael Jackson’s Kids: Doing the Best They Can

Michael Jackson often experienced the emotional turmoil that can accompany global fame. He was grateful for the the wisdom and strong support of his mom. Although your family may not be in the public eye, if your adult children are in trouble and you’re suddenly cast into the role of parent, you could be feeling the stress.

The children of the late Michael Jackson seem to be adjusting to their new lives as they departed from a karate lesson with Jermaine Jackson's kids all sporting yellow belts in Los Angeles, CA on April 14, 2010. Pictured: Blanket Jackson AKA Prince Michael Jackson II Fame Pictures, Inc

There will be a huge void to fill and you may be confused about your role now. Don’t be afraid to see a family therapist, child psychologist or parenting coach. Understanding your particular circumstances and learning new skills can make a big difference the second time around. And talking with an expert with an objective perspective can truly be a lifesaver.

While Michael Jackson was alive, a main priority was to protect his privacy and his children. And their grandmother has had their best interests at heart, knowing their pain in losing the only parent they knew. Without a lot of fanfare, Katherine Jackson has made a coordinated effort to bring stability to the children’s lives. Hearing her talk about the activities and attributes of all three of them, she sounds like any proud parent would. Apparently they will do some traveling over the summer and be in private school, instead homeschooled, in the fall.

In accepting Michael’s posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award last January, Prince choked up while thanking fans for their support since his dad’s death. And Paris spoke about her love for her dad. What little information the media has received about the family this year – and that’s a good thing for the Jackson children – makes you think that they’re all doing the best they can.

Here’s another video from Fox News about how Jackson’s children are managing. The newscaster talks about Prince, Paris and Blanket being less reclusive, listening to their dad’s music and spending time with their cousins. Even though they’re growing up in the spotlight, don’t you think they deserve to live a normal life?

With Independence Day around the corner, take your cues from Jackson’s mom and respect the growing independence of your grandchildren. And whether you are celebrating with family and friends, or enjoying a quiet and relaxing day, happy 4th of July!

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