The Children of Michael Jackson One Year After His Death

This week marks a year since Michael Jackson died. After his untimely death, a major focus was the future of his children, Prince, Paris and ‘Blanket.’ According to Jackson’s will, his mother was to raise them – and the judge granted her permanent custody. All the while, pundits were busy predicting who would really take care of them.

In light of the maelstrom of scandal and negative press facing Joe Jackson, he remains the patriarch of the Jackson family. He and a large brood of kids, including both Michael Jackson’s children, including the questionable fourth child of Michael Omer Bhatti and Jermaine’s, took a caravan to Las Vegas for the holiday weekend. The kids looked upbeat and joyful, despite preparing for the first holiday spent without their father Michael. Michael Jackson’s three children Prince, Paris and Blanket were not joined by their caretaker and grandmother Katherine Jackson which is shocking since Michael had requested in his Will that she care for then and that they not be placed into the hands of his father Joe Jackson. Katherine Jackson does not celebrate holidays because of her religion as she is a Jehovah's Witness, but the Jackson brothers, sisters, and their children do traditionally gather for one day, Thanksgiving, said by Tito Jackson in a recent interview. Despite the drama the children seem to be in good spirits as they run through the wind at a rest stop with their cousins. Joe Jackson had a bit of trouble keeping his hat on his head from the rest stop back to the car. Fame Pictures, Inc

The number of boomer grandparents assuming care and financial responsibility for grandchildren continues to increase. Statistics show that over 2.9 million grandparents are raising more than 4.5 million grandchildren. This is particularly true in families that involve a habitual drug user, a single parent or one with a chronic illness.

Despite the superstar status of the Jackson family, there is something quintessentially human and familiar about them. Hasn’t each of us, as a result of death or divorce, had a complicated situation in our own family? Do what you can to maintain structure and continuity. By stabilizing the children’s environment with a familiar routine, they’ll begin to feel less anxious and more secure. Children are resilient. As you consistently model hopeful thinking and positive actions, they are bound to thrive.

If you’re caught up in the middle of a painful tragedy or complex crisis, log on to the blog all week for ideas to consider as you begin to take better care of your grandchildren and yourself.

Ready to get started? You can learn more about Michael Jackson and fatherhood from Wikipedia. Read an article about how to turn a crisis into a challenge on Her Mentor Center. And if you click on ‘Comments’ below, you can share your practical tips about caring for your grandkids.

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