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OK, I really did try to be a part of the Ultimate Blog Party 2010, but there were so many mommy blogs to visit and too many tweets to follow on Twitter. I’m afraid I got lost in the shuffle.

This happened before – in 2003. We shared our experience in ‘Technology Run Amok,’ a newsletter you can read in the Library on our website, Long story short, we got caught up in the great technological abyss and the frustration we felt then was much the same as today.

Frustrated Woman Using Laptop

So here it is, seven years later. Although I’m still intrigued and want to embrace all that the Internet has to offer, I find that I have no choice but to put it in perspective. And even if the aging experts tell us that multi-tasking stimulates our brain cells, in reality, keeping up with it all can be overwhelming.

Does that sound familiar? When does your time spent online with emails, researching ideas, branding yourself, social networking, etc. get in the way of everyday life. Just what is your tipping point?

In gratitude for listening to my rant, this may interest you: – A site dedicated to the Sandwich Generation that focuses on some of the same issues we do. Click on the April 13th post. You’ll find a Blog Carnival and informative articles about a variety of topics – survival tools for caregivers, symptoms of dementia, grandparenting tips, fitness and aging.
Ultimate Blog Party 2010And if you want to explore other blogs and what they have to offer, click on the banner above. Then scroll down the page and you’ll have plenty to keep you busy for the rest of the week!

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