Joannie Rochette and the Sandwich Generation

The 2010 Winter Olympics are now a fading memory. But the image of the courage and grace of Joannie Rochette will serve as a reminder to you, members of the Sandwich Generation. As you care for your family in flux, skating as fast as you can day in and day out, you’re a medal winner too. And we applaud your victory!
Olympic Winter Games - Ladies Free Skating
In both the short and long figure skating programs, with not much sleep or energy, Joannie Rochette hit the ice with determination. She proceeded to skate what turned out to be her personal best during the most trying time of her life. She felt as if her mother was there helping her. Skating through her emotional pain, she won the bronze medal. Joannie was stunning on the podium – responding to the cheers of the crowd, smiling as she wiped away the tears. Hers was a symbol of a poignant victory, and she touched the emotions of people across the globe.

In the news conference, Joannie repeated that her mother was her greatest fan and her death a monumental loss. At times you may feel that you are standing alone on the biggest stage you have ever been on, carrying the weight of losing your very foundation. But keep this picture in mind – you, too, are skating like you never have before.

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