Staycation Moonsets

Ever since we bought our first grandson the classic children’s book, Guess How Much I Love You, a week after he was born, the moon has been a symbol unifying our three young grandsons, who live two thousand miles away, and us. We used to read to them, tucked snugly on our laps, about how the mother hare loved her baby, “all the way to the moon and back,” and spread our arms as wide as we could showing how much we loved them.

As they grew older, we would excitedly spot the moon together on our trips to their home and theirs to ours. We talked about how we were all seeing the same moon, even when we were thousands of miles apart. I began shooting photos of the moon, especially moonsets over the Pacific. I liked the way the moon would light up one section of the ocean at night.

Sometimes one of the boys would call us and declare, “I saw our friend the moon tonight!” The feeling of togetherness would envelope us as our smiles stretched across our faces as it did across the country. In the “wee small hours of the morning” I would get up and take pictures that I could send them, along with a poem I wrote about our unbreakable connection to them.

I think my favorite pictures of the moonset are the ones I took in the west as the sun was rising in the east. They remind me of the timeless link between night and day, the circle of life, the eternal bonds between us and our loved ones. And, of course, our three young grandsons.

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