Susan Boyle’s Message: Keep At It

So what does all this fanfare about Susan Boyle singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ have to do with you? Perhaps you don’t think you have an inner vision or the power and persistence to reach your goals. But here are some ideas that’ll help, whether or not you can belt out a heartbreaking ballad about unfulfilled dreams:

Learn about what is truly of value to you. Assess your character strengths and how they’ve helped you get what you’ve wanted before. How can you build on those assets now? Enlist your staying power and keep your eye on the goal.

Let your creativity run wild so that you see yourself from a different perspective. The initial step is just to begin the process. Then let your positive experiences provide the incentive to continue. There may be stumbling blocks along the way, but never give up.

Click on the title above to read a story on about Follow an Old Passion – Find a New Path. And tune in for more tips tomorrow.

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