Susan Boyle and ‘I Dreamed a Dream’

Last week we all had a chance to learn a lesson from Susan Boyle when she sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ before judges in the trials of ‘Britain has Talent.’ What a surreal and thrilling moment for her. And what a wake-up call for the rest of us.

Her 15 minutes of fame aren’t over yet with, so far, over 20 million views on YouTube. Why the viral nature of this phenomenon? Of course we’re all pretty fed up with the media focus on teen pop stars and desperate for some good news or a heartfelt story. But is it that we’re really looking for a role model whose character inspires us to follow our dreams?

In some ways Susan Boyle is everywoman. Her initial appearance onstage, with the negative reaction from the audience and judges, taps into insecurities we all have. Who hasn’t felt frumpy or unattractive, unsure of ourselves or at a loss for words? Susan has lived a simple life and didn’t expect to be so popular. She has been busy caring for her elderly mother and practicing her music. It makes you wonder, has our society been focused on the wrong things?

Tune in all week as we discuss the values and character strengths that can lead to personal success. And weigh in with your own ideas. In the meantime, click on the title above and read an article about Captain Sullenberger and what makes a hero.

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