Captain Sullenberger and Gratitude

Captain Sullenberger landed the plane in the Hudson River near two ferry terminals. Rescue boats appeared within minutes to take the 150 passengers and five crew members to safety. When the pilot got official confirmation that everyone had survived, he felt like “the weight of the universe had been lifted off my heart.”

Express your gratitude often. One airplane passenger, on a rescue raft in the frigid cold, went up to Sullenberger, grabbed his arm and said ‘thank you on behalf of all of us.’ Those are the moments in life that create a lasting impression. Try it yourself. Say thank you to a family member, a friend or a colleague. You’ll see that others will feel more valued and you’ll benefit from putting your appreciation into words. Studies show that gratitude helps you attain a better mood, increased self-esteem and a greater sense of connection to the world.

Several days ago the crew met some of the passengers and their relatives at a reunion in Charlotte, N.C., the destination of Flight 1549. “More than one woman came up to Sully and told him “Thank you for not making me a widow” or “Thank you for allowing my son to have a father.”

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