Boomers and Stress

Best selling author Ann Coulter is hitting the airwaves, talking about her new controversial book, “Guilty.” On the Today show this morning, she told Matt Lauer that most of society’s problems are a result of children being raised by single mothers. Although her attitude was abrasive and divisive, she does have a point.

The breakdown of the family is a serious problem and, in these tough economic times, the divorce rate is on the rise. Here are some tips to share with friends and family under stress and struggling in their marriages:

Give your relationship the gift of time. Create moments of calm and pleasure in celebration of your relationship. Feel more treasured as you watch the dividends of your emotional investment grow.

Invite your partner to set aside an afternoon to spend together. Plan an activity that you’ll enjoy: rent a bicycle built for two, leave work early and meet at a museum, enjoy a picnic lunch at the park. Take a long cut. Stretch out the event itself and make it last.

Create a romantic and intimate evening at home. This has likely been on your ‘to do’ list for a long time, so here’s your chance to make it happen, time and again. Turn on soft music, build a fire, light the candles. Cook a gourmet dinner together and share that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

The pressure on relationships can come from a variety of sources. Click on the title above and read an article about what to look out for. And share this post with others who are important to you.

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