Even in these difficult economic times, there is much to be grateful for. As we appreciate our blessings, we can focus on what we can do as individuals to make our world a better place for all. Today we are highlighting two projects.

Dina Lynch Eisenberg of www.thismarriagething.com has started what she calls The Gratitude Project. She describes it as “my challenge to bring more love and appreciation into the world during a tough time.” The idea is to say thank you to your spouse – or partner, friend, co-worker – three times a day for the next 10 days. Then reflect on how that experience has changed both you and your relationship. You can send your comments to her blog as well as to us here. Sharing your appreciation creates good feelings for everyone.

For most of us, the coming holiday season means spending time with family. But what about those who are separated from theirs? Bloggers Unite have created what is a global initiative designed to express support of human rights for refugees. They are supporting Refugees United, which provides an online, highly secure and anonymous possibility of refugees to reconnect with their families. Visit www.unite.blogcatalog.com to learn more about this worldwide problem and what you can do to help.

As Americans, we are especially grateful to the men and women who have protected and served us and our country. We honor them all every day – and especially tomorrow on Veteran’s Day – and offer them our deepest thanks.

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