Earlier in the week, we highlighted the 20 U.S. Olympiads in Beijing who are balancing their role as mother with that of athlete. Today we learn there are two new Olympic gold medal winners who want to join the ranks of motherhood. Well, not really “new” gold medalists – Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh also won the Olympic gold medal for beach volleyball in 2004 in Athens.

Now that they have accomplished their goal of back-to-back Olympic gold, they both have said that they would like to focus on their personal lives. Each is married to an athlete as well, making their lives revolve around demanding sports schedules. After the medal ceremony in China, Kerri said, “We both want to start a family. We need to slow down and breathe a little bit, focus on our families.” Asked about playing more competitive beach volleyball in preparation for the 2012 Olympics in London, Misty was thinking instead about spending time with her husband and future children. “I would like to come back and have my kids see me play. But I would like to start a new journey and see my husband too.”

So if you have noticed that balancing motherhood and career is never easy, you are not alone. Even women in bikinis playing volleyball on the beach face that challenge!

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