At the close of the primary season today, do you think the run for the Democratic presidential nomination will finally be over? It’s not unlike situations in families where a certain result is expected and, due to complicating circumstances, the outcome changes. There are subsequent feelings of surprise and disappointment – or, on the other hand, excitement and hope.

Life and politics are unpredictable. You have to admire Hillary Clinton’s optimism, her fortitude and tenacity. And you can’t accuse her of not playing out her hand. But, at this juncture, it depends on the math not the psychology. It is expected that the magic number of 2118 super delegates will soon be guaranteed and Obama will have the nomination.

The buzz is that it’s time to unify the party and prepare for the general election. Just like a family in crisis, there are issues that must be addressed – how to let go with grace, treat each other with respect, understand individual needs, assess strengths and resources, determine mutual goals and work together while moving toward achieving them.

Senator Clinton has given her heart and soul to this process and wants to be sure that the dream stays alive. Obama’s mantra has been embrace change, even if it’s coming from an imperfect messenger. Despite the strange political dynamic, he has declared that they will be working together in November. Obama plans to meet with Clinton when the dust settles, at a time and place of her choosing. Now that sounds like a good start.

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