invest in yourself

We are wrapping up our month-long focus on your personal asset inventory. When you opt to invest in yourself in 2007, you can expect to get a good rate of return. Let’s look at what you can do to maximize that yield.

Your decision to identify and apply your strengths in the New Year has most likely generated a fairly long list for you to use. Now is the time for you to begin putting into practice your decisions based on the items on your inventory. Choose a direction to take and start there. Don’t worry about what is going on somewhere else – concentrate on one path at a time.

Some of your endeavors will work out better than others as you try new ways to utilize your strengths. Build on those winners and run with them as you let go of your losers. You will profit from your efforts and the inner wealth you realize will sustain you throughout the year.

You will be improving your position as you follow your instincts and create a personal vision for yourself. Actively manage your portfolio of assets as you move toward your goals for 2007.

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