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We ended 2006 by offering you tips to help you assess your “personal net worth,” that is your strengths. We noted six ways you can begin to inventory your assets. Now, as we begin 2007, we want to delve into this process more deeply.

Each week in January we will discuss some of these techniques in greater detail. We look forward to your input while you learn to develop the power you already hold. Lets make 2007 your year as you consider yourself a priority and nourish your continuing development.

Our first suggestion was to journal in order to “help you clarify your thoughts and feelings.” You may have used a journal as a teenager – but began each entry with “Dear Diary.” At that time, your journal may have been filled with the angst that most of us felt in those turbulent years.

Your journal of today may still be brimming over with emotion but now you have the perspective to frame your thoughts, memories and plans. Your journal will help you inventory your assets as you look back on your accomplishments. What were your successes? How were you able to achieve them? Which of them do you still value today? Why?

Our second suggestion was to identify your strengths. When you think about your past achievements, what is the link between them? Do you recognize your strong qualities that gave you the muscle to accomplish your goal? Some of these may be natural talents and others acquired skills. How can you build on those characteristics today?

Using your strengths on a daily basis allows you to see their power in action. You can test them out in a variety of situations and measure your successes. The more you come from a position of strength, the greater the force of your actions – and the more significant your “personal net worth.”

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