Kids Are CAPE-able

MedicineAt this time of giving thanks, we want to share with you what we’ve learned about a new program that helps children who are hospitalized. Some kids are in the hospital to receive chemotherapy, others for surgery or treatment of a serious illness or injury. These children often face long and difficult therapies in their healing process.

To give them the courage to continue and in the spirit of superheroes – who often wear capes – the plan is to offer these children the power to become their own superheroes by presenting them with a cape to wear on top of their hospital gowns. Drawing on the force of children’s imagination, they become “Caped Kidsaders,” resilient and committed to participating in their treatment.

The creator of this project, Alonzo Cannon, has also written a book about a young boy, titled That Medicine I Will Not Take. Illustrated by Missi Jay, the book brings a sense of optimism and positive energy into the lives of these patients. Alonzo hopes to gift it to hospitalized children to encourage them to actively take part in their recovery process. You may also want to share it with your own kids this holiday season.

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