Sarah Palin: Superstar or Everywoman?

It looks as if Sarah Palin’s supporters still see her as a superstar. And there’s no doubt she has family-oriented appeal, often describing herself as a regular hockey mom.

Sarah Palin Attends Autism Awareness Walk And Fundraiser

One reader’s observations reflect many others, regardless of their political persuasion: “I think Sarah Palin somtimes puts her foot in her mouth. Maybe it’s just who she is, to get attention or that she’s naive. But that doesn’t excuse the media from how they treat her.”

Yes, Sarah Palin speaks her mind, but she’s not always upfront about what she says. With her departure, perhaps she doesn’t even know herself what she wants to do. But, when she ran for election, she did ask for her voters’ trust. And she violated that trust by quitting midstream – that suggests her voters simple didn’t count.

So like so much in life, it’s a complicated issue. Palin thinks her family has been singled out. Like a grizzly with her cubs, she’s trying to protect them. And she is facing ethics violations. She has cited the investigation’s financial toll both on her and the state of Alaska. As if she’s stepping down for the benefit of others.

But quitting because you feel like a lame duck and can’t get anything done, or you can’t stand the criticism you’re receiving, isn’t a good resume with which to run for the President of the United States.

The poll numbers are conflicting with regards to Palin’s political future. And so the mystery continues. Sarah Palin is not likely to disappear, and I don’t think we’ve heard the last of her yet.

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