One in Three Teens will be in an Abusive Relationship

Rihanna is young, talented, and at the top of the musical charts. She’s also a potential example for our youth. But first she has to heal herself. Oprah Winfrey suggested that Rihanna give it some time and get counseling. What follows are ideas that she could take to heart for herself – and as a spokeswoman for all of the young women and men who look up to her.

Take a step back and take care of yourself. You deserve time alone. And the chance to be safe – physically and emotionally. This will help you see your situation from a different angle. Listening to your inner voice can provide comfort and reassurance as you recognize your basic character strengths. Focus on what’s important, as you integrate core values and personal ideals into how you want to live your life.

Explore your negative emotions. When trust is broken, if you or your partner have made bad decisions, there can be a buildup of frustration, anger or disappointment, even despair as you make efforts to adapt to the new reality. It may become apparent how much you’ve changed and how far apart the two of you have grown. And you’ll see what steps to take next, for your own good.

Studies indicate that 1 in 3 teens will be in an abusive relationship at some point, and 80% will continue to date that person. These statistics are staggering. As members of the sandwich generation, share your ideas about how to keep our teenagers informed and safe.

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