Creating Accountability

We all need role models to inspire us, but our culture seems to glorify the cowboy mentality of individuals acting in their own selfish interests. Celebrities’ destructive behavior is condoned and mimicked. How can we get through to our children when the voices from the media are so loud? Don’t throw in the towel. If you can plant the seeds, perhaps they will come to fruition when you least expect. Here are some ideas to talk about with your kids – maybe some even sound like the conversations your own parents had with you growing up:

Remember that the sun doesn’t rise and set only on you. When you think solely about yourself, you deny the existence of other perspectives. Instead, consider the situation from the other person’s viewpoint as well as your own. When your actions are harmful to them, weigh that effect in the balance.

Develop values that honor and respect your community. You belong to a larger network around you that is affected by what you do. Loyalty and social responsibility build connections that strengthen you as well as society. For many, spirituality and religiosity create a feeling of transcendence and purpose that helps maintain these bonds.

Click on the title above to read an article on our website about the heroes who serve our country in the armed services, How Observing Veterans Day Can Resonate for the Sandwich Generation. Tomorrow we’ll look at more life lessons.

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