Examples for Our Children

It’s never been easy to instill good values in our children and teenagers. And they seem to be floundering without role models of moral behavior in society. Studies indicate that over 75% of school kids report having cheated on exams. We tell them to take their lead from our personal actions. But how can we teach our children to be responsible citizens when so many around them are making news by being irresponsible and dishonest?

Politicians promise one thing while campaigning and then mysteriously forget these pledges after the election. Financial manager Bernard Madoff uses a Ponzi scheme to abscond with $65 billion from trusting foundations and individuals. Physicians for Anna Nicole Smith prescribe enough narcotics and pain medication to kill her. Caylee Anthony’s mother turns her back on her toddler. Jim Cramer is chastised by Jon Stewart for reporting, without investigating, rosy reports he was given by CEO’s over the past year.

So what can we tell our offspring about how to live and act responsibly? Tune in tomorrow for some ideas. And click on the title above to take you to our website and an article addressing reckless celebrity behavior, entitled What the Baby Boomers Can Teach Paris Hilton.

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